When you’re competing for eyeballs for your business, ¬†promotions, graphic designs, snappy social media images and posts and relevant blog content are just part of the equation. One of the best things you can do for your business is to create a short, catchy and sophisticated explainer video to capture the attention of a potential client long enough to pique their interest further.

In the words of VideoZee, “An image is worth a thousand words. The online domain has now moved to the next level with the application of social networking and interactive applications. Marketing and advertising on this platform requires something more than the plain textual approach…animated explainer videos engage the users to help them assimilate the information of the brand and convince them of the ability of your services.” Below are all of the reasons to consider engaging an expert to help you create an explainer video for your business:

Story is what matters

When you get hooked on a TV show or movie, you care about the story and characters that make up the narrative. Think about the commercials you watch these days – even they are like mini movies, an entire life story told in images and voice in just one minute. An explainer video for your business is also mini movie–it tells the story, the whole picture of your company, which is far more interesting and engaging than a standard textual description.

It’s a small financial investment for a big return over time

Research and compare and contrast prices, but in the end you should make only a few hundred dollars investment in an explainer video. You’ll then get a tool you can feature and use again and again for years.

It’s about creating something informative and memorable

When you are in your business all the time, it can be hard to see what is unique, special and different about it that attracts potential new customers. Yes, you may know what sells and what works, but the fresh approach of an outside vendor can help lead to the creation of the most memorable, original and clear content in an explainer video.

Short and sweet

People are busy in the modern world. A fun and funny video that distills your products or services into 3 minutes or less is consumer gold.

You speak in words and images, someone else translates

Your job is to speak with passion about your company and what you do and to communicate flashes of images, however small, to your explainer video contractor(s). It’s then their job to translate those words into exciting brilliant visual content that will lure others in. An outsider you hire can often do this far better than you or your team who have been working with the company day in and day out.

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