Apple, Google and Mozilla announce WebAssembly, an alternative to Javascript.

Technology: in a combined effort to standardize and improve Web performance, several key-actors line up behind the WebAssembly project, a technology that can be seen as an attractive alternative to javascript.


Apple, Google, Mozilla, Webkit: together with Brendan Eich’s blessing , creator of JavaScript.

Major web actors, announce the opening of the WebAssembly project. A web technology to provide a more efficient alternative to the popular JavaScript.

JavaScript is now an extremely popular programming language on the web. And all key-actors and browsers  have successively offered their variant or improvement of this technology to enhance and capitalize on this standard. These cases include asm.js from Mozilla, Dart from Google, or Apple’s work on JavaScript acceleration on Safari.

But when each developing its own standard, it usually ends up with the exact opposite of the concept of “standard”. Thus, we can see the arrival of WebAssembly as a positive step.

Zoom on performance

This technology is considered as a complementary bytecode JavaScript. It has no intention, as Dart, to completely replace the traditional language. But rather to supplement its capabilities by offering an alternative to tasks requiring to get a better handle on the use of machine resources.

This will take the form of binary files .wasm that will be able to run in the browser and enjoy optimal performance. Unlike scripts that must be compiled gradually for each execution.

For now, the project is still in its early stages, but a github page bringing together early work was on line and the progress is carried out by a W3C Working Group.

WebAssembly, which aims to become the binary code of the web. A step further , apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are testing the technology.

Thanks to Louis Adam from http://www.zdnet.fr/actualites/apple-google-et-mozilla-annoncent-webassembly-une-alternative-au-javascript-39821064.htm

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